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<aside> 🏔️ Community of developers and creators in web3. We promote education and entrepreneurship in emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI and IOT. We want to promote Latin American talent


Welcome to the Andean community


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Andean DAO Educational programs

How was our 2022?


+50 events in less than 1 year +1k people in our web3 community +2 Blockchain Hackathons carried out +150 developers new to blockchain +20 impacts in crypto and traditional press

Our smart contract programming course in solidity


Our values as a community


  1. Inclusion: All members must have the opportunity to participate and be heard in the community.

  2. Collaboration: Members must work together effectively to achieve common goals.

  3. Responsibility: Members must take responsibility for their actions and contributions to the community.

  4. Respect: Members must respect other members of the community, regardless of their differences.

  5. Effective communication: Members must use appropriate communication channels and be respectful when conveying their messages.

  6. Honesty: Members must be honest and transparent in their interactions and contributions to the community.

  7. Integrity: Members must act with integrity and ethics in their contributions to the community.

  8. Innovation: Members must be willing to explore and adopt new ideas and technologies to improve the community.

  9. Empathy: Members must be able to put themselves in the shoes of others and understand their perspectives.


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